October 31, 2001

  • No, I didn’t go back to jail! I’ve gone to court twice so far, but not back to jail.

    I’ve just been busy. Let’s see: two tabling events, promoting the Women’s Funding Alliance; organizing for the Severe Weather Shelter; beginning to organize for the upcoming Homeless Women’s Forum; getting the StreetWrites zine “Out of the Margins” ready to print, expanding my “click-to-donate” directory, overhauling my website… was that all? I thought I was busy.

    Latest news story: Church’s homeless shelter irks neighbors. The good news is, the shelter has started and, if experience proves out, pretty soon nobody will be irked any more. They’ll be bragging about their neighborhood shelter!

    Gotta go — “Polymorph” is on Red Dwarf tonight!

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