October 22, 2001


    The WHEEL severe women’s shelter is a GO! The first night of life-threatening weather, we’ll be ready to open!

    Virtual Chocolate for everybody!

    On the other side of the news: GRRRRRRRRR!: One of the best of the click-to-donate sites, Against Hunger, which has made it possible for me to donate almost 30 cups of staple food since I discovered it four days ago, has just been hacked for the fifth time. What kind of person does something like this? It wasn’t hijacked to redirect traffic anywhere, just to bring it down so that it couldn’t get any traffic at all. Just sheer malicious mischief. WHY?

    Sheesh, I didn’t post from the 17th until the 20th and Ryoushi thought I’d gone back to jail. I’m getting a reputation! I’ll try not to let so long go by next time.

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  • A cruel, thoughtless person. I hope karma gets ‘em!  I’m so happy for WHEEL though ! All that hard work and planning….YES! Paid off!

    And well, yeah! I hadn’t heard from you in so long!  You had me worried there!  I mean…we’ve got a hardened criminal in our midst now! Gotta keep an eye on her!

  • Just read your excellent account of being jailed. Really fasinating. It must take courage to take a stand that does cost you something.

    Wonder why it takes so long to go thu the process?


  • Pete, there are several things that I think contribute to the length of the process:
    1) Bureaucracy justifying itself. In a bureaucracy, if a process is important it has to be long and painful.
    2) None of the staff involved has any incentive to speed up the process or make it easier on the prisoners. We’re all widgets; they’re getting paid the same no matter how many widgets they process; and they’re not getting paid much.
    3) The psychology of the system promotes the idea that the process should be hard and painful. Like I said: once you get to court, you are innocent until proven guilty; but until you get there, you are guilty until proven innocent.

    I was a guilty little widget in a bureaucracy.

  • Glad for you and those you’ve been fighting for.

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