November 14, 2001

  • Monet's GardenHey, it’s Monet’s birthday! If you don’t want to surf through all the commercial channels on that search page, try going direct to WebMuseum: Monet, Claude, or Art of Claude Monet.

    I see Xanga is trying to speed up downloads, including changing to only 5 entries a page instead of 10 entries a page.

    And what have I been up to? Obviously not blogging. I got the October StreetWrites Zine out, and now I’m working on the WHEEL chapbook, which is a bigger project. The StreetWrites zine is four pages, once a month; the WHEEL chapbook is 54 pages! but only once a year.

    That’s only part of organizing for the annual WHEEL Homeless Women’s Forum on December 5th, an event with 250 to 300 attendees. What with everything else that went on this winter, we got a late start in planning, so I’m in a bit of a swivet and neglecting my journal writing and my journal reading.

    Please be patient with me, and Write On!

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