October 17, 2001

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  • I like this! 

  • I read the article Anitra and it stirred an emotion.. You must see a lot through your line of work. Do you often sleep out on the sidewalks with the homeless? Does it get cold? What kind of impact do you expect or hope to achieve by this.. I am kinda interested in your attitude and approach..  Most of all, how does this affect you as a human to know what the homeless suffer through daily? Too many questions? you don’t have to answer every one..   -navdeep

  • navdeep, I intend to write a blog answering at least most of that, sometime in the near future.

    Warning, long blog ahead.

  • First of all – You’re famous! Sorta.   It’s publicity for your cause!

    Second of all – I like the poem!!

  • That is a very wonderful poem!!

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